Bright New Day

Life is often full of stresses and worries, and many people say they struggle to find time for themselves, time to bring a bit of calm and joy into their lives. And yet, starting your day off with a little ‘me time’ can be the best thing you do to boost your productivity and well-being. So, how about taking just five minutes to welcome in a bright, new day?

The Dalai Lama (14th of his line) is well-known for having answered an interviewer asking about his morning routine with the assurance that he meditated for an hour every day. When asked what he did if his day was extra busy, he said he would meditate for two hours!

While most of us don’t have that kind of time to dedicate to our mental well-being, it is still important to make a little time and space to feel peaceful. It’s good for your mind, it’s good for your body, it’s good for your soul.

There are lots of ways you can do this, and tapping is just one of them. Doing a brief breathing meditation can also be a great idea! For more breathing meditations, click here.

When asked if five minutes is enough, I like the metaphor I once heard: all day long you play a bunch of tapes in your head, of what you need to do, what you’ve done wrong, what you can’t possibly do. If you do a long meditation, you stop those tapes for a good chunk of time. Yet, doing lots of little meditations is like making lots of little cuts in those tapes: eventually they just fall apart!

Wishing you a bright day, full of joy and calm x

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