All the techniques and tools recommended on this website are alternative or complementary healing techniques. As such, they are still considered experimental by Western medicine. While hypnotherapy is recognised by the CNHC, tapping is not currently recommended by the NHS, despite there being a growing evidence-base for this technique (see here and here).

By following any of the suggestions, listening to any meditations, or practising any of the breathing or tapping techniques, you agree to assume responsibility for your experience.

Some people find tapping alleviates trauma from the past. However, this can mean you are less able to summon up the memory of the trauma for legal or reporting purposes. Equally, not all courts will accept testimony from someone who has undergone hypnosis, even for an unrelated issue.

Also, while tapping and hypnotherapy can often improve your sense of well-being, sometimes emotional distress or physical discomfort can be experienced as a transitory side effect. If you experience any such symptoms while tapping, especially if you are pregnant, you are advised to stop and to seek professional care, if appropriate.