Here’s a little pick me up

Although we are out of winter, traditional SAD territory (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you can feel down at any time of year, and for any number of reasons. And yet, inside of yourself you have some marvellous resources to help you feel joy!

Everyone has some memories that make them smile in retrospect. It might be something big, like falling in love, getting a wished for promotion, or doing something you didn’t think you could do. It might be something small, like walking through a beautiful garden, enjoying the seaside, or feeling cozy and safe at home during a storm. It could be the feeling of stroking a beloved pet, or the smell of a flower, or seeing the smile on someone’s face. Or any of a million more magical moments from your life.

Bringing such memories to mind, and letting them infiltrate your whole body, is a great way to reset your emotional thermometer. You can do this yourself, taking time to let your mind drift joyfully among uplifting memories. Or you could listen to this meditation, designed to help you find and enjoy one of these magical memories:

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