All the approaches I use fall into the category of psycho-sensory therapy. What this means is that we activate your mind and your senses in order to achieve a body-mind connection. This takes the effects beyond just talking, and brings it into your body: into your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

People often come to me having already done some kind of therapy, and saying that they have gained a lot of insight, but haven't seen the actual change that they want. By bringing the body into the equation, as well as modern, psycho-sensory approaches, you can achieve real shifts in your emotions and behaviours.

Different approaches will work better for you depending on your personality and way of perceiving the world. I take a personalised approach, adapting the techniques I’m trained in to find a combination that will work best for you.


For instance, if you are someone who is very imaginative, and can easily picture or sense things in your mind, then hypnotherapy may be the best place for you to start. This powerful technique can be used for all sorts of issues, both physical and mental. It has a proven, scientific track record for conditions such as:





Bad Habits



Hot Flushes



Nail biting

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)




Performance Anxiety




Stress (eg. exams, work, relationships)

Teeth Grinding


Weight management

For more information on hypnosis and hypnorelaxation, check out this FAQ.

Tapping (EFT)

Tapping is especially recommended for helping to process memories and undo emotional blocks. It is a wonderful, gentle technique for dealing with trauma, both big and small.

In tapping, you speak and tap on meridian points. So, it’s good if you are very rational, as it keeps you actively talking and in control. It can also be very good if you are highly kinaesthetic, as you can tap on specific bodily sensations – for example, this pain in my neck, this tingly feeling in my shoulder, this jagged, blue feeling in my chest.

For more information on tapping, click here.

Breathing Techniques

Breathwork is a great adjunct to these other techniques, and something I often teach and recommend to my clients. You can use your breath as a tool to bring you to a calm state very quickly. It can also help you feel more energised and focused.

If you have time for nothing else, you can always take a few breaths to help your body and mind de-stress.

For a selection of breathing techniques you can quickly put into practice, see here.


Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful technique that helps you create a space between the triggers life sends your way and your response to those triggers. That space expands your ability to choose, grow and feel free. Devised by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor Emeritus and the University of Massachussets, it is based on paying attention in the present moment, rather than getting lost in rumination and worry. It can be especially helpful with chronic pain, addictions, obesity, stress, PTSD, panic attacks, boosting the immune system, reducing chronic inflammation, and improving memory, attention and creativity.

For more information on mindfulness, click here.


Havening uses a more calming form of touch than tapping, and combines it with fun 'brain-games' to stimulate your pre-frontal cortex. This is an amazing way not only to bring you out of fight-flight-freeze responses, but to activate your rational and creative self. Problem solving and a renewed trust in your own ability to cope are quickly brought online. It can also be used as a way to deepen the imaginative, creative brain states that can help you process emotions and memories, so that they can be re-stored in the brain as non-traumatic/not requiring constant vigilance. Powerful therapy, indeed!

To dive deeper into how Havening Techniques work, click here.

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is an incredible technique to erase long-standing issues by going straight to the root cause of the problem. If you find yourself repeating the same patterns and problems in your life again and again, this approach is a way of breaking that cycle for good.

It uses tapping touch, combined with work in the energetic matrix, to create these powerful shifts. If you do not believe in an energetic matrix that connects all life, you can still benefit from this technique using different explanatory principles, and (self)guided visualisations.

To find out more about Matrix Reimprinting, click here.


Reiki is a Japanese healing modality recognised by the NHS for its calming and healing benefits. It can be used with physical ailments, as well as more emotional dis-ease. As with all the other techniques I use, it works well remotely, as well as in-person.

Reiki is an energetic approach, and can also be considered a psycho-sensory therapy. It affects your autonomic nervous system, as well as your immune system, and is great to combine with guided visualisations for healing of both physiological and mental issues.

To discover more about Reiki, click here.

What do sessions cost?

Your investment for a single session is £120/hour.

I also offer discount rates for students, single parents, pensioners, and anyone on benefits.  Contact me for more information, on, or call 07561 231 281.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, I will charge an administrative fee of £20.

Where do sessions take place?

At the moment, I mainly offer sessions online. My clients find the convenience of not having to travel, of being in a safe environment, and of only requiring the actual session time to be great benefits. All the techniques I use are totally effective in an online format: using the power of mirror neurons and your own ability to stimulate your senses in reality or in imagination.

I can also offer sessions at the Gestalt Centre in Mornington Crescent - about a 10 minute walk from Camden and King's Cross.