This technique, created by Karl Dawson, combines EFT and hypnosis, as well as deep understandings around breathwork, the relationship between body, mind, spirit and the field of energy that surrounds us. Inspired by the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton in particular, as well as many others such as Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, this approach is both scientifically-based and very practical.

Matrix Reimprinting looks at the underlying beliefs and habits that feed into them. By digging deep into the root causes, and releasing and healing these, the changes effected can be very profound.

What to expect from a Matrix Reimprinting session

In a Matrix Reimprinting session, you will heal the root causes of any stress, distress or dis-ease you are suffering. By working through the events from your past that led to this situation, you can resolve these, bringing new resources to bear and creating deep healing.

One of the beautiful things about this work is how gentle it is. Rather than reliving a trauma, as you would in exposure therapy, it is like directing a play of what happened, so that you can change the outcome. You stand on the outside, protected from the emotions from the past while still able to alter them.

You also do not need to go into a trauma, but can work with the experiences before and/or after it, changing the emotions and beliefs developed at those times.

With all of this, you cannot make a trauma not have happened. However, you can give yourself more resources to deal with it, and you can change how you feel about it, and how it affects you in the present.

To achieve this, I will guide you through breathwork and tapping, helping you uncover the issues underpinning your current experience. Much of the work can be done in silence, with you focusing on what is happening within yourself, gently guided to find the resources you already hold (but perhaps did not when the original events occurred).

This method can be especially helpful if you feel reluctant to talk about your issues and their roots. Much can be done in silence, with simple guidance from me.

If working in person, I can offer to tap on you, while you do the inner work needed. If done online, I will encourage and remind you to tap on yourself physically, while also doing the inner work.

To get a slight flavour of what Matrix Reimprinting can look and feel like, take a look at this video, starting at 8:45.