How much do you believe you deserve?

Are you always just scraping by? Stuck in a cycle of getting enough to cover basic needs, but nothing beyond that? Or perhaps it feels like there’s a glass ceiling on your ability to earn more, do more, be more…

One of the most fundamental blocks to receiving abundance in your life is a deeply held belief that you are in some way undeserving.

Maybe because you are sometimes unfocussed, or because you don’t always manage your finances as well as you could/should, or perhaps because you allow yourself to procrastinate and surf social media/read books/insert distraction of choice.

Fundamentally, these are excuses.

The things you are saying to yourself may be completely true, but do you really think that people who earn more than you are perfect? Of course not!

There may also be a belief that it is somehow wrong to receive abundance. You may want to check your childhood beliefs around what it means to be rich or poor or to serve others or work for love. If a part of you feels it is wrong to be wealthy, then a part of you may want to be undeserving. If you tell yourself you don’t deserve to earn more, then you won’t risk becoming one of ‘those’ people.

Another source of this feeling of not deserving all that you desire can be other people. If you are in some way an ‘outsider’ – a woman, a person of colour, a ‘nerd’ in a world of ‘jocks’ – you may have been on the back end of social pressure to feel unworthy. While your nearest and dearest may have supported you to believe in yourself and your worth, the pressure from society and other people can still be a powerful counterforce. And if you received messages of being ‘not good enough’ from both family and society, well, it’s no wonder you struggle to feel deserving!

Wherever your feelings of not being worthy of receiving more from life come from, however they manifest, this tapping session will work to put those thoughts and feelings of not deserving more in a different perspective, so you can let them go. Wouldn’t that be a relief!


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