How to use your body-mind connection for greater wellness

Finding your bliss

There is more and more evidence of the strength of the body-mind connection, and of ways to use this to your own benefit. Whether it’s reducing hot flushes through hypnosis, or improving sleep through tapping, or lowering your cortisol levels through mindful breathing, conscious choices you make can improve your physical and emotional well-being.

The study of these connections is now being given the name psychoneuroimmunology. Basically, basic bodily functions controlled normally out of conscious awareness by your limbic system can be affected by your conscious mind. The best tools for this are metaphor, and the activation of your unconscious systems by tapping into this connection mentally and emotionally.

So, how can you go about this?

One technique used by hypnotherapists is called the Control Room of the Mind. In trance, you visit this control room and make adjustments. There is evidence supporting the effectiveness for improving your bodily hormone balance and many other autonomic systems.

Equally, tapping on acupressure points or practising mindfulness both clearly reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. By doing that, you can improve your immune response – reducing cold symptoms and even how often you catch colds, for example. You can also improve your sleep, and your digestion, thus aiding healthy weight and improving conditions such as IBS.

In this vein, here is a video to take you for a quick trip to the beach, to breathe in the salt air, paddle in the water, walk on the sand, and have a refreshing drink or snack 🙂


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