What is Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful, healing, energetic experience. It is recognised by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the only 'alternative' healthcare registry recommended by the NHS.

Reiki Symbol

In a Reiki treatment, you receive a calming mind-body experience. Reiki energy is directed by the practitioner to support the healing of aches and pains, as well as more emotional dis-ease. It works at creating an energetic re-balancing of the person's body and mind.

Reiki is a Japanese energetic healing system created by Sensei Usui, that uses hands-on or distance healing. There is some evidence that it stimulates your body to activate its own healing capacities. There are also a lot of studies that evidence its calming properties, which helps to boost your immune system and reduce anxiety symptoms.

There is more and more evidence that we are affected by electromagnetic currents, both those within our own bodies, and those around us in nature. Through Reiki, this electromagnetic field can be channelled to support your body's own capacity to heal.

Reiki as a Pscyho-sensory Therapy

Reiki can also be considered a psycho-sensory therapy: it activates experiences in the body which affect you mental well-being.

Everyone experiences Reiki differently: for some they notice a warmth, for others it can be a pleasant coolness, while some people comment on a tingling energy feeling, a little like pins and needles. At other points in time, you may notice more how calm you feel, how easily your muscles relax and how your breathing eases.

There are other potential physical experiences you may notice, such as yawning, stomach rumbling, or simply a lessening in background levels of pain or discomfort. All of these can help you to feel calmer and more well in yourself.

Additionally, I like to use guided meditations that activate your imagination, to reinforce your healing. So, you might imagine a calm light pouring into you, or energy pooling where it is most needed. If you have a specific physical issue, we can guide healing to that place.

In this way, you are creatively engaged with your own wellness, and we activate a greater sense of peace and well-being. You can experience how this feels with this quick reiki refresh meditation:

Reiki can also be sent to specific situations in your life. This can be an excellent tool for healing past trauma or current areas of difficulty. As with other psycho-sensory therapies, the activating of your senses in an imaginal way, while maintaining calm at a physiological level, is very effective at shifting negative thought patterns and stuckness in your autonomic nervous system.

Reiki for yourself

Anyone can learn to channel reiki for themselves, and it's something I highly recommend. This practice is very meditative, and it is something you can actively do to support your own healing.

Taking control of your own wellness is extremely empowering, and sends a great message to your unconscious mind. It tells yourself you are really committed to feeling better, to showing yourself compassion and care. These are wonderful messages for your subconscious mind to really believe and take on board, as so much of healing does happen from within.

What I offer

I mostly offer distance Reiki sessions. For these, I normally suggest a Zoom (or equivalent) call. That way, not only am I directing Reiki energy to you, I can also guide you to be in the most receptive state to benefit from the treatment, and to creatively participate in your own experience.

I also especially like to teach people to use Reiki for themselves and for their loved ones. As a Reiki Master and a practitioner registered with the Reiki Guild, I offer a combination of in-person and distance sessions for such training. If you want to become registered yourself, it is a requirement that you complete at least the traditional Reiki attunements in person.

This is a beautiful, healing, meditative practice. As with many of the other techniques I offer, this provides a way for you to take an active, creative role in your own healing journey.