For Mums: Stressed to Serene

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Being a mum is hard!

So many responsibilities, so much to do, so many demands on your time. And it’s not as though kids come with an instruction manual, either!
It can feel like you’re constantly on the go, like a hamster on a wheel. And it may sometimes feel equally pointless and thankless.
Being a mum is also rewarding and delightful, when you’re not too stressed to notice.

Stressed to Serene 7 Day Challenge

If you want to find your way to a  calmer state of mind, and a more present way of parenting, then my Stressed to Serene 7 Day Challenge may be just what you need.
Each day, you will receive a link to an audio or video with different types of tapping meditation, hypnotic meditation, and moving affirmations. These will help you combat stress, release old negative patterns, and create clearer, healthier boundaries. On top of that, you will tap into your intuitive, creative side, so that you can find your own best answers to how to be the mum you want to be.
One thing you won’t find here are rules on parenting. I believe that you know yourself and your family best, and are the one who can decide how you want to mother your children, and what they are most likely to want and need.

Stressed to Serene 8 Week Programme

Following on from the Stressed to Serene 7 Day Challenge, you can get even more stress-busting goodness with this 8 week programme.
As well as getting the downloadable versions of all 7 meditations from the challenge, every week, you will get two new downloads. There will also be fortnightly live online group sessions, including personalised tapping meditations and space to ask any questions you may have.
When you come from a place of feeling peaceful and resourceful, you can find solutions to whatever life throws at you
The meditations will include the following areas:


Common battlegrounds such as mealtimes, homework and social media/screen time



Feeling more resourceful

Intuition boosting


Releasing emotional blocks


Self care