Top 3 Ways to Battle Uncertainty


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There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, that much is clear. Between the war in Ukraine, the continuing waves of Covid, and the threat of recession, it’s easy to see that we are at a crossroads right now. Will our lives go left, right, or straight ahead? It’s impossible to say, and we humans don’t always cope well with ambiguity.

This uncertainty is something we all have to manage in different ways and at different times. These crossroads, as now, can be things which affect the world as a whole. They can also, however, be more personal transitions.

We see these crossroads points in film and TV: ‘coming-of-age’ films, ‘coming out’ films, ‘rom-coms’ which explore relationships – both starting and ending. Silver surfer genres also look at leaving work, coping with bereavement, and facing your own ending.

Uncertainty, then, comes in many shapes and forms. What are the best ways to battle it?

Combatting Uncertainty by Building Resilience

It’s easy to find lists of ways to build resilience, though sometimes these may need breaking down further. For example, in the link their second suggestion is to believe in your abilities. However, simply noting your negative self-talk and trying to come up with counterarguments can be pretty hard to do off the bat.

Equally, point 3 – develop a social network – may be easier said than done. If you have social anxiety, or low self-esteem, then achieving this may seem like a distant dream.

So, while all those suggestions are good, a first point of call may be to acknowledge your uncertainty and build hope that change is even possible. To make a start on that, tap along with this video:


Finding Solutions to Difficulties

Part of what makes uncertainty so difficult is that you may not feel like you know what to do. It can be hard to get a handle on what the problem even is, or what is best to do about it.

Feeling creative is a wonderful way to counteract this. And creativity can be encouraged in ways both big and small. For example, cooking a new dish can feel creative, as can drawing, painting, singing, or any other artistic pursuit. And while these things may not help you solve the problems you face in life, they can bring a little joy, a little hope, and shift you into a more creative mindset.

One thing you might like to try here is use ‘what if…?’ in a positive way. So often, we send ourselves into a downward spiral imagining the worst. While imagining the best may feel a bit of a stretch, perhaps you can come up with some simple positives in that ‘what if….’ space.

What if I felt a little more energised today?

What if I managed to tick just three things off my to-do list today?

What if I did something creative and fun?

What if I come up with something to feel good about today?

What if I spent a bit of time breathing more mindfully?

Accepting What Is

This may seem to run counter to the point above. Shouldn’t I be finding solutions rather than accepting how things are?

Yet there’s a saying: what you resist, persists.

So, if you are constantly battling what is, denying it, or getting frustrated about it, that’s a lot of energy that could be better spent on the previous two suggestions.

This notion of acceptance is found in many different religions and spiritual paths, as well as in different therapies. It applies to yourself, as well as to the people and things around you. The more you struggle with someone or something, the more of yourself you give over to that struggle.

If instead you can accept the reality of what is, then you are actually in a better place to change it. To set you on that path, why not follow along with this video:


I hope you’ve found the ideas and resources in this post helpful. We’re all in this crazy world together, so let’s support one another through any and all uncertain times.

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