What Is Hypno Relaxation

One way of doing it which is growing in popularity is to attend a hypno relaxation class, or even treat yourself to a private hypno relaxation session.
So, what exactly is hypno relaxation and why is it so good for you?

Fast and Effective

Hypno relaxation is a way to quickly help you reach a deep level of relaxation.  It uses hypnotic language to guide you through the process, which means you can reach a wonderful state of inner peace rapidly, and make the most of your time to benefit from the advantages of mindful relaxation.  And as you are being guided throughout, you are also less likely to find your mind drifting to your to-do list or the latest TV show you are into.  That way, the time you spend in relaxation is more effective, too.

Holistic Focus on De-Stressing

Many forms of meditation or relaxation help you de-stress in one way or another, but may not do so holistically.  For example, a massage may help to release the tension in your body, but your mind may still be whirring.  Or counting your breath may occupy your mind, yet you find yourself struggling to focus because your leg/s are getting pins and needles.
Hypno relaxation sessions take a holisitic approach, ensuring that you are relaxed in both body and mind.  You can also use the experience to find inner resources to help you cope better in your everyday life.  And the sessions can help to improve your motivation to make these positive changes, even if it’s just remembering to breathe for a minute every now and again.


Maximise Your Mind-Body Connection

There’s a growing interest in the scientific literature in what is called psychoneuroimmunology.  Basically, there is more and more evidence of the link between your thoughts and your physical well-being.  This has been used for all kinds of well-being improvements, be it reducing hot flushes, improving IBS symptoms, or reducing the impact and frequency of the colds you may catch.
Hypno relaxation is one of the most effective ways of targeting this powerful connection.  When you are thoroughly relaxed and yet also focused on what is happening, you can make changes at a deep, subconscious or unconscious level.  These changes recruit your body’s natural ability to heal, and put it to work for you.

Find what works best for you

In a hypno relaxation class or session, you can learn a number of different techniques to help you relax, breathe better, de-stress, and recruit your subconscious to improve your physical well-being.  In this way, you get to experience these different approaches, and find which ones work best for you.  On top of that, practising these while in a relaxed state improves your ability to learn, and reinforces you motivation to put them to work in your day-to-day life.

Benefits of a Personalised Session

In addition to all the wonderful aspects of a hypno relaxation class, what benefits are there to having a personalised, one-to-one session?
In the first place, you can choose which areas you most want to focus on: physical relaxation; mental calm; health; or techniques to help you outside of sessions.  You can also let your clinical hypnotist know if there is a particular resource you want to find and make use of, a specific area of well-being you want to improve, or something in particular you want to be able to do better.
Secondly, having someone focused specifically on you means that everything in the session is timed, paced and targeted to best suit your preferences and your natural rhythms.  For example, imagery can be more everyday, more nature-based or more fantasy-based, depending on what you like and respond to.  You can choose how long a session you want, to match your schedule.  And the pace of delivery can be faster or slower, to match your body’s own rhythms.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, hypno relaxation is a fast and effective way to relax in every sense of the word.  Sessions can focus on lots of different aspects, providing a great way to try different elements and figure out what works best for you.  Hypno relaxation can not only de-stress you, but can also help you achieve a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing, as well as activating your immune system to be healthier overall.
Classes are popping up all over the place, so why not give it a go? And if you are interested in a private session, you can contact me to see if we are a good fit. Call me on  07561 231 281 or email me on ceejaymccracken@gmail.com.

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